How Gamblers Win Gift Set

How Gamblers Win Gift Set

The How Gamblers Win is a superb gift set that includes; 

1 Pack of Gamblers Luxury Playing Cards & 1 copy of How Gamblers Win book by Christofer Lacoste and Drop Thirty Two - here is one further information; 

Gamblers Cards 

There is something inherently luxurious when large sums of money change hands. 
The Gamblers Playing Cards (Borderless Black) is for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

A chosen few like you, understand the incredible feel of the crushed stock when the cards brush the felt. The thrill of the next shuffle. 
The spectators look for you to perform. To entertain. 

But deep within the depths of darkness, holds a link to forbidden knowledge. 
The Gamblers Playing Cards (Borderless Black) markings tell you everything you need to know. 
Hidden within the eloquent, yet mesmerizing back design. 

"A secret's worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept." 
- Carlos Ruiz Zafon 

Peek inside the tuck and admire the gold foil. 
Experience the opulence. Join the high rollers. Corvus Oculum Corvi Non Eruit 

There is honor amongst thieves. 
Complete solidarity amongst a group of like-minded people regardless of the consequences or condemnation. 
And for that, two cards remain unmarked. 
One red. One blue.
Completely custom card designs. Everything. Pips, court, the entire deck. (Perfect for the gambler, magician or cardist.)
Luxurious embossed tuck, with inside gold foil.
Crushed stock
Gaff card included
Printed by USPCC.
Designed by Christofer Lacroste and Drop Thirty Two.

How Gamblers Win 

Introduction Excerpt from Book: 

"How Gamblers Win or the Secrets of Advantage Playing Exposed is an important contribution to early American card-sharping literature. The earliest American expose on cheating is An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling with the author listed only as a"An Adept." The third major contribution to this body of information was How Gamblers Win or the Secrets of Advantage Playing published in hard cover in 1865 and attributed to Gerritt M. Evans. When republished in soft cover a few years later. Evan's name was omitted and the author was simply listed as "A Retired Professional." Why the sudden need for anonymity? One can speculate that Evans may have experienced heat from the gambling/card-cheating fraternity (as did Green), but no one knows for sure. 

The first thing that grabs you with how Gamblers Win is the graphically stunning jacket design featuring a devil standing on a giant die with cards in one hand and a dice cup in the other. The caricature is spectacular and the cover alone make this title a favorite with collectors of antique gambling books. Next is the terminology "Advantage Playing" in the subtitle, employed by cheaters. Although Green and An Adept both referred to the advantages practiced by cheats, neither used the catch-all phrase of Advantage Play or Advantage Players as synonymous with cheating or cheaters. Evans was the first, I believe, and the terms were later adopted by other authors. 

How Gamblers Win presents a comprehensive treatment of the different advantages practiced by the professional sharper in short cards, banking games played with cards and dice, and gambling cons. There's some limited history along with a "brief analysis of legitimate play" as stated on the title page. All of the popular games of the day are addressed with one striking omission. Faro, a game covered in detail by both authors previously mentioned... 

..How Gamblers Win is a curious, revealing and important early card-sharping title that will make you want to pick up a deck of cards and explore the technical possibilities, or pick up another book on cheating to make historical comparisons. It's loaded with more than enough gambling moves to satisfy the technicians; plenty of historical relevance to appeal to the historians; and for those who read for entertainment, the work is replete with amusing metaphors, anecdotes and showy terminology. How Gambler's Win is a bonafide classic and a cinch to become a showpiece in any gambling or card-sharping library." 

-Steve Forte 

Pages 93 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket