Expert At The Card Table (White) Playing Cards

Expert At The Card Table (White) Playing Cards

LIMITED EDITION: Only 1500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

The deck back design is different from the classic diamond-backed pattern without deviating from the classic style. The back design forms a pattern using the alphabet "E" from the word, "Expert." The deck is not just dedicated to S.W.Erdnase, but to everyone who has been giving their 100% to the respective art form they love and strive to be better than yesterday!!! 

E for Expert, E is Erdnase!!! 

The cards are available in 2 colors -- Green and White -- and includes white borders. The tuck has the alphabet S. & W. on the Green and White Edition, respectively.


  • 2 custom Jokers (Gaff Joker) 
  • Custom Ace of Spades 
  • Green/White Double Backer 
  • Deck Design Matching Double Backer 
  • Velvet Feel Tuck Box 
  • Custom Brick Box with every 12 Decks

A collaboration between Magic Encarta & Everything Erdnase - LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 DECKS!!!